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Take It To The Bank!  2016 Briefing
Strategic, expert-led briefing on emerging trends, risks and opportunities in Cash Management, Bank Funding, FX and Interest Rates for 2016.
CORK: Tuesday, December 8th, Maryborough House Hotel €70 BUY NOW!
DUBLIN: Wednesday, December 9th, Clyde Court Hotel €70 BUY NOW!
Get ahead of the curve on significant developments and potential risks for the coming year to enable you to contingency plan, identify cost-saving opportunities and add bottom-line value.
Other key areas of focus:
a. The use of technology to manage the impact of changes in accounting standards and payment processes on finance functions. This session is in repsonse to the effect of new IFRS and FRS on all banking and financial matters which will pose accounting and reporting challenges for corporates and auditors alike. The changing face of payment processes and systems, heralding an increase in the role of non-banking partners. Presented by John Byrne, Managing Director, of Salmon Software.
b. The opportunities to borrow from, and make use of, the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI). SBCI was established by government to aid funding of the SME sector but with a growing remit in its target market of medium-sized businesses. Presented by: John Madigan/Nick Ashmore of Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI).

Programme Outline

8.00-8.30    Registration, tea/coffee

Banking Market Overview: Do’s and Don’t’s in Bank Borrowing
Interest Rate Review and Strategy Development Ideas
Foreign Exchange Review and Strategy Development Ideas
Using Technology to generate savings and value in Treasury and Banking Processes
Funding avenues provided by SBCI to the Irish Corporate Market
11.00-11.15    Wrap-up

Who should attend?

  • Corporate Treasurers/Treasury Analysts
  • Finance Directors and Controllers
  • Internal audit/Compliance Officers
  • Directors with an interest in managing risk

Briefing Objective

Having delivered numerous training and CPD courses over the past few years, one of the key outcomes from the feedback was the need to have an annual update for participants. But the acquisition of such knowledge also needs to be on a cost and time-efficient basis…. and not just the domain of those who can afford to pay large advisory firms for such information.

In addition to this, some companies wish to undertake their risk management work in-house but require guidance on the key items that are, or ought to be, emerging priorities.
In response to both of those requirements, Treasury Solutions Ltd. is organising this, its first Annual Banking and Financial Market Update with emphasis on emerging trends, risks and opportunities.
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