Roscommon Leadership Partnership and Equal Ireland


ROSCOMMON LEADER PARTNERSHIP and EQUAL Ireland, the adult education people, have joined together to provide you with a unique local education opportunity. The subjects we will be working through include an Introduction to Humanities which will focus on Community Development; An introduction to Enterprise Development that considers starting your own business, business models, funding sources etc. and Everyday Numbers which looks at how we use numbers in everyday life, whether to pay bills, measure things, calculate benefit entitlement, do budgets, work out times and distances all the everyday stuff of numbers and ordinary life. It’s maths OK, but not as you know it!!!


These modules form part of the Essential Skills Certificate (Workplace Community & Education, certified by Letterkenny IT.  The real cost of taking these three modules is about €500 but lucky you, Roscommon Leadership Partnership will pay this for you (subject to eligibility) so that all you need to do is turn up, learn and graduate! Why not give it a whirl!!!

These modules will be delivered over 12 Thursday mornings from 10am – 1.30 commencing March 3rd in the Roscommon Leader Partnership Building on the Golf Links Road, Roscommon Town.



The EQUAL Ireland approach is solidly grounded in everyday life from Supermarket Bills to Credit cards from Mortgages and Rent to Pensions, Wages and Benefits. Once the learner has successfully completed this module they will have:

 an understanding of how mathematics works in the context of everyday life

 Achieved a range of mathematical skills and knowledge relevant to everyday activity at home in the workplace, community or educational setting

 Understood aspects of everyday mathematical knowledge and skills relevant to their programme of education and the workplace

 Greater confidence, comfort and competence in using their mathematical knowledge and skills



The aims of this module are to:

 Introduce the learner to entrepreneurship and the traits of the entrepreneur.

 Explain the importance of strategy and how to develop a strategy for business

 Introduce the key concepts of customers and markets

 Show how marketing and sales are interlinked



The aims of this module are to:

 Explore Community Development and Society.

Provide the learner with an understanding of Humanities

 Equip the learner with the skills necessary to pursue a qualification in Humanities

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