Lanesboro Ballyleague notes Monday 23rd March 2020

Lanesboro Ballyleague Notes

Garda Appointment

A few months back Noel Egan retired from the Garda Síochána in Lanesboro further depleting the numbers at our local garda station. Like other retirements we were afraid that a replacement would not be appointed to Lanesboro.

I was very happy to learn last week of the appointment of Garda Vincent O’Leary as a full-time appointment for the departed Noel Egan. Vincent served previously in Dublin before being appointed to Ballymahon in 2015. Vincent built up a great trust in Ballymahon and was very well respected there.

We would like to welcome Vincent to Lanesboro and wish him many happy years policing the area covered by Lanesboro Garda station.

As part of the new policing policy being brought in by the Garda Commissioner Drew Harris Lanesboro Garda Station has seen a further influx of 6 new Gardaí. Appointments such as these are currently being rolled out to ascertain the benefits of this new policy. At the moment these appointments are on a temporary basis and hopefully the trial will prove to be very effective and the six new Gardaí will be stationed full time in Lanesboro.

Finally, as a community it is a great shame to see our community divided and we would hope that with the new Gardaí stationed in Lanesboro that they will be policing Ballyleague.

Available to Help

The Corona virus is causing great distress and fear throughout the country and our community is no different. Lanesboro Gardaí have informed me that they are available to help with deliveries, trips to the doctor, or whatever those that feel vulnerable in this time of crisis might need.

Éigse Peter Carberry

Éigse Peter Carberry that was due to open on Friday 24th April with the official opening ceremony in St. Mary’s Hall Lanesboro and was to continue through the two following days Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th has been cancelled.

The Corona Virus that is spreading through the country and indeed the world has been the reason for the cancellation. The committee of Éigse thoroughly support the restrictions put in place by the Government and the HSE.

We look forward to welcoming you to Lanesboro and Éigse when the restrictions are lifted when we will without doubt have a wonderful celebration of the late and great Peter Carberry.

We encourage everyone to play their part and abide by the restrictions set by the Government and especially the social distancing.

Lanesboro Tidy Towns

Dueto the Government and HSE restriction put in place recently the Lanesboro Tidy Towns committee has called off their weekly draw until all the restrictions have been lifted.

The committee would like to thank everyone for their tremendous support down through the years and they would like to extend their deepest wishes for a successful and healthy outcome from this virus for everyone.

Former local passes away

For those in the area that remembers the Nolan family that lived in Rathcline and the Green. Sergeant Nolan, his wife and family lived at Rathcline crossroads with their children and latterly on the Green. One of that family, Pete Nolan and his family were living in Kilcormac, Co. Offaly where Pete passed away on Tuesday last 17th March. Pete in later years revisited Lanesboro a number of times after his sister Mary moved into the Green. His trips proved to be very nostalgic, and from time to time he visited some old neighbours and school friends. I remember on one of his visits he told me that he sat on a seat at Fermoyle school for a long time reminiscing on the many happy days and school day memories. We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Peter Nolan, his wife Frances, sons Gerard, Seamus and Tommy, daughters Helen and Catherine, sisters Mary (The Green) and Bridget, brother Kevin, nieces including our local Garda Morag who is following in the family tradition, nephews, relatives and friends. Pete was laid to rest on Thursday in St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Kilcormac.

Lanesboro Gun Club

Easter Draw

The club will be holding an Easter Draw on Saturday night 11th April in Joe Farrell’s Pub with over €2,000 in prizes. Music will be provided on the night by Fran Deffew. We have received a huge response from the local community and further afield with regard to sponsorship of prizes. The club would like to thank all sponsors for their assistance to date. Tickets are currently on sale with club members and local businesses. All your support would be greatly appreciated.

Lourdes Pilgrimage

This year the Ardagh Clonmacnoise Pilgrimage to Lourdes will take place from Friday 29th May until Wednesday 3rd June and the inclusive cost is €749. Pilgrimage director is Fr. Bernard Noonan 09064 81180. The flight departure is from Knock Airport. For bookings contact Joe Walsh Tours 01-2410811/2.


In line with directions from the GAA, the Government, and the HSE the Rathcline GAA 50/50 draw has been suspended until a lifting of restrictions. For those that have paid their subscriptions in advance i.e. six months or yearly, your subscription has been put on hold and you will not miss out and all benefits will remain. 

Sliabh Bán and other walking areas

The Corona Virus has brought out a phenomenal change to all our communities. The fear and uncertainty of the fallout leaves us all with great trepidation and doubt.

However, there is a wonderful positivity emerging from within the community. A great coming together, even if it is at a social distance, and it has has gelled our community like never before. Seeing families out walking and cycling is now the new norm. A great momentum has begun and every known walking and cycling route has seen a great influx of families filling the roadways, laneways and pathways. I see bicycles not seen out for years being dusted down and taken out once again and covering inch of our community on a discovery for the younger brigade and a rediscovery for the older generations.

The one area that has seen remarkable numbers are the trails on Sliabh Bán. On Sunday week past there were big numbers on the mountain but with the excellent weather on Saturday and Sunday last saw the numbers on the mountain reaching incredible numbers. Parking became a major issue. Social distancing was not a major problem such is the vastness and number of paths on the mountain and most people were observing the advice of the two meters. Sideroads such as Salmon’s Lane and the roadway down Clonbonny to name just two were incredibly busy all weekend. Needless to say, the North Commons Woodland walk was also a hive of activity. It is truly fantastic to see so many young people out with their parents walking and discovering the highways and byways of their own community.

What makes this all the more exciting is the pathway that is being developed through the bog from Kilnacarrow in the parish of Rathcline to Cloonbearla in the parish of Killashee which will be opening up further walking and cycling routes. This route as I have mentioned before opens us up to the Royal Canal hence, we can cycle to the Corlea Trackway Interpretive Centre or for the seasoned cyclists almost all the way to Dublin. There is a further route planned that will see a new Bog Walk across from Lanesboro to Clondra through Knappogue bog. Further down the line, with great work being done with Bord na Mona, Dónall Mac an Bheatha and Longford County Council we are looking at access over the Bord na Mona bridge when it is no longer a working bridge which will open up a new walking and cycling route right to Sliabh Bán from Lanesboro.

Add into this the development of the bogs by Bord na Mona and Longford County Council into a Wilderness Park. This Wilderness Park was first mooted back in the early part of this decade by Dónall Mac an Bheatha who had the foresight to see the future that was about to unfold on the local bogs. This Wilderness Park will prove to be another tremendous attraction that will bring many new wildlife species along with huge numbers coming to witness the transformation of the bog to a wilderness and wildlife park.

Community Pride

In a time where almost every one that can be are out walking, we cannot but help notice the three of the old chestnuts that crop up every so often in these notes.

The first one is the amount of dog poo that is on our footpaths. So many times, I have written on this subject and while things have improved there is still a long way to go. A reminder to everyone that brings their dog out for a walk that they are expected to bring a dog poo bag along with them to clean up the pathways after their dog’s when they soil.

Would the person that owns the small brown and white dog that is constantly roaming the estates, roads and streets to take it in and only take it out on a lead. This dog is one of the contributing factors to do soiling on our paths and streets.

Secondly, the amount of household rubbish being thrown along our roadways is a complete and total disgrace. One has to ask about the civic pride that is in those people who continue to throw their rubbish on the roadway. It is truly frightening that more and more rubbish is littering our roadsides. This litter can be seen in abundance on side roads and in recent weeks indiscriminately thrown on the main Longford Road just before the Clonfower crossroads where once a week for the past three weeks a bag of household rubbish has been thrown out. It is time that Longford Council get proactive and place cameras in the many blackspot spots that are badly affected in our community. Mentioning the Longford Road, the amount of litter between Lanesboro and Longford town is truly amazing and most worrying is that has not been cleaned up. Sometimes it takes community effort to come together to work on such projects, but the initiative and support must come from Longford County Council.

I ask, in a time where we are losing ESB and Bord na Mona and when we are trying to promote our community how can we get people interested in investing in our community to enthuse about us when they are travelling on roads so littered.

Finally, in Clonbonny Cemetery when you are tending to your family graves what do you do with your old pots, old flowers and general rubbish? You are supposed to take all home and dispose of it yourself and not throw it over the wall onto the railway tracks or even just leave it outside the cemetery wall. A major clean up took place a time ago cleaning up the drop to the railway line but old habits have recommenced, and more and more litter is now being thrown onto the track once again. You are asked to desist, take all rubbish home and dispose of it through one of the waste management sites.

The Corona Virus is getting us moving all around our community and it is also making us all the more aware of the beauty of our area. Sadly, general conversations almost always lead back to the above topics. Corona Virus if nothing else has given us a greater awareness of our community and we would urge everyone to be vigilant and to report anything they see when people are being community unsociable by dumping their rubbish.


The Ballyboro “Keepy Uppy” World Cup has taken off in a major way as numerous entries have been received so far. This competition enables our players to practice their soccer skills in a safe environment, in their homes and gardens, along with other family members. Some parents have also displayed very impressive soccer skills. Participants are required to get a family member to film their best effort on a phone and send it to their relevant Ballyboro Team Manager. 

Prizes will be awarded for a) Best Effort, b) The Longest Lasting One, and c) The Funniest Effort.

Under 11 player Rian Hogan leads the way at present with a very impressive score of 168.

In the coming weeks while the current restrictions apply, the club will be organising more skills competitions of a similar nature.


The Rathcline club is reaching out to anyone within our community that is in need of assistance during this time of need. We are happy to collect any groceries, meat from butchers, anything from the chemists and to deliver them to you. Contact Joe O’Brien 086 2460840 and it will be organised for you

Following instructions from the GAA all club activities have had to cease until the end of this Corona Virus. To those that have paid their 50/50 in advance your subscription has been stopped and all the weeks you missed during the shutdown will be added on once we get the all clear.

Membership is still available from our registrars. Membership can be paid easily online at  Just log on to the page and follow the link.  

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